Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Boys' Best Friend

When I get to heaven and see Jesus face to face, I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed by His glory, His goodness, His brightness. I will have one question though. Why do dogs have such a short life span? Our sweet Lucy of 12 years, in our childlike minds, is with Jesus:)

Every pet owner brags about their pet, how sweet or smart she may be. Lucy was definitely that. But not every dog would put their pride aside like this clown.

You know it's love when your 2-year-old wants to be your dog for Halloween.

Or when she follows her little man around everywhere.

She was the sister he didn't have, and still doesn't, I guess. ;)

Again, the pride.

About 2 years ago, in the middle of all the craziness of the adoption, Lucy freaked. She knew something was happening. For about 3 months, she chewed blinds, ate carpet, broke her own teeth trying to get out of her cage. Santa even had to leave her a warning.

But after the little boys came, all was well in her world again.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am. ~Unknown


Anonymous said...

My ringtone on Tommy's phone is "Want you to love me like my dog does, baby"....Dogs carry such unconditional love....your family will be in our prayers. I know it'stough losing a four-legged family member.
Kristi Phelps (Jon's mom's cousin)

Annie said...

oh that video--- too funny!

Angie- we just got a black lab mix about 6 months ago-- there is something about those glassy black eyes. They melt my heart! I love black labs.

Im praying for yall and hope God brings around another sweet companion dog!


Lee said...

this just broke my heart! bye sweet Lucy! i'm so glad I got to meet you!